Thursday, March 14, 2013

Supporting Kids In Agriculture!

   As the agriculture gets older, we are having fewer and fewer young people wanting to make a career out of farming and ranching. This means it is up to the old codgers to do what we can to help those few kids interested in an agricultural career to do what we can to help them out.

    One way we can do this is by holding and sponsoring events which support youth in agriculture. On Saturday, March 30th just such an event will be taking place. The SWRRA winter series finals, and Crossroads Cowboy Gathering will have the Crossroads Finals Show and Dance with all proceeds going straight to the Benson, Arizona FFA. Setting an example for the rest of us involved in agriculture, Baxter Black will be donating his time to perform during this event. The community of Benson has shown great support for this event as well. Even the agritainers coming to this event are supporting Benson's kids in agriculture by donating their time to provide music for the dance.

For more information on this event, visit our web page. If you can't make it, and would like to support the agritainers donating their time, you can buy their cd's on the Crossroads Agritainer's Sales Page. We need to remember that the children are not our future, but what we do now, contributes to theirs!