Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heat Detection Manual & Record Book

Probably the hardest part of any artificial insemination program is keeping the cattle calm while pulling cattle to be bred. There are a few simple techniques concerning when we pull the cattle and how we handle them which can make heat detection a simple part of our AI program. I have combined instructions on how to pull your breeders without stressing them or yourself out, with a handy record keeping book.

Rather than being formatted like most pocket books, the records keeping portion of this book is designed to help with the legibility of records by giving more room to write. In the case you are both detecting heat and breeding, this handy book allows you to write down the cow was pulled, cow identification number and the number of the bull she is bred to.

This handy manual and records book is available for only $8 (US Shipping included)! If you are a semen dealer, or seedstock producer, we can put your logo on the cover for a nominal charge.

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