Friday, January 18, 2019

The Natural Way To Start Cattle With The Least Amount Of Stress

 It disturbs me when I see people writing articles on how to "properly" start cattle when they have attempted (and failed) to reboot herd instinct after asking for (and ignoring) my advice on the matter.
With that in mind, it is time to repost the following two videos. 

The first video is an animation which explains why there is stress in what many consider to be the "proper" way to start cattle, as well as the lower stress way of starting from the direction you want the cattle to go, and drawing them. 

The second video shows a group of cattle starting naturally on their own, along with a clip of me starting a group from the direction I'm wanting them to go. You will probably notice in the second video only one pass was made to start the cattle, making it less work on you as well as less stress on the cattle. For more videos and information on stockmanship and IMG (Instinctive Migratory Grazing) visit my website.