Saturday, March 6, 2021

Raising Funds to Produce Stockmanship/Regenerative Grazing Video

 With Amazon discontinuing production of disc formatted video at the end of May, I have the options
of spending funds to convert Stockmanship 101 to a streaming format, or produce a new and
improved video. After careful consideration I have decided to go with the latter. As YouTube and
other sites now allow full length feature films, Stockmanship 102 will be free for anyone to watch.

I will once again be teaming up with Andy Horton of Malpache Media for this project. Rather than
working with a small herd that blends in with the desert brush, we will be rebooting herd instinct in
1,000 calves on green Oklahoma grass. Between the contrast, improved drones and cameras, this
video will be much more definitive than Stockmanship 101, and will cover more of the
horsemanship as well as grazing strategies. Individuals donating to the project will receive their names
in the credits, while non profits and companies will also have their logos displayed with link to their
websites. For more information on how to help with this project, please visit out GoFund page.

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